How can DropCapCopy Copywriting help you?

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How Can DropCapCopy Copywriting Help You?

Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer *

The written word is a powerful tool. From advertising and brochures to websites and emails; well written copy is essential to engage and connect with your customers and to persuade them to buy your products or services. At DropCapCopy, I offer a creative copywriting service that will help you and your business do just that.

For more information on DropCapCopy’s services and how I can help you, click the links below for what you need:

Writing your website content
Writing your blogs and content marketing
Writing your social media posts
Writing your brochures and printed marketing
Writing your editorial
Writing your direct marketing
Copywriting training
Looking at your copy

If you’re unsure about working with a freelance copywriter, read some testimonials from some current satisfied clients! I’ve also received some great recommendations on LinkedIn too. I’m here to make your life easier, so if you want to meet me beforehand to discuss your project, just call or email me!




Writing Your Website Content

content |ˈkɒntɛnt| noun
information made available by a website or other electronic medium: online content providers.

At DropCapCopy, I can write original and engaging words for your website pages and content marketing with a focus on SEO keywords, boosting your search engine rankings – just what Google needs, and likes!

I’ll give your website content that your customers want to read, so they can find the answers they want. At the same time making it an easy and enjoyable experience to help you rise above your competition. From website copywriting in its entirety to just refining and adding a flourish to what you already have, you’ll be able to convert the hits and clicks into lifelong customers.

Do you need creative website content? Contact me today to discuss your requirements!

Look at a previous web project and read how it all came together.




Writing Your Blogs

blog |blɒɡ| noun
a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

Blogs are an excellent way to boost your online content marketing and connect with your audience at the same time. But you might be more comfortable focusing on your business than writing a blog. Plus finding the time and creating regular, or even semi-regular, blogs can be hard going. This is where DropCapCopy comes in to take care of all your blogging needs.

If you don’t currently write blogs at all, you’re missing out on building your online presence and telling your customers about your latest news or products. Blog writing is a tried and trusted way to create interest and engage people. With an added boost of SEO keywords, you can drive traffic to your website and convert those visits into sales.

Whether you’re a B2C business and want to share your latest updates, news or products with your customers, or if you’re more B2B focused and prefer to share expert knowledge or advice in your specialist area; I can research your topic and write it to suit your brand and audience.

Whether it’s a one-off, or if you require a more regular blog burst to hit your site, I’ll take the whole exercise off your hands and provide you with original, informative and engaging blogs, while you concentrate on what you do best.

Need a blog to boost traffic and sales? Get in touch today to talk topics and work out a schedule!



Writing Your Social Media Content

social media | noun [treated as singular or plural]
websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Once your web content is written, why not spare a thought for your social media? Working with you, I can create a monthly schedule for your Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram pages. With all content pre-approved by you, I can schedule the posts to appear in your timeline on any given day and time, giving your customers and followers consistent and relevant posts.

And as no one likes feeling ignored by their favourite brands, I can also take care of your live updates on each platform. Twitter likes & retweets, Facebook likes & shares and Instagram likes all come under this remit, so your followers don’t need to wait for a response. How about that – a whole month of social media taken care of just like that!

Can’t give full attention to your social media content? Drop me an email today and let’s work out a schedule!




Writing Your Brochures

brochure |ˈbrəʊʃə, brɒˈʃʊə| noun
a small book or magazine containing pictures and information about a product or service.

At DropCapCopy, we don’t just write compelling words for websites and digital content marketing – that’s just one way to get your message out there. Printed brochures or leaflets are equally as important if customers prefer, or request, written content in a physical form to read at their own leisure.

Brochure copywriting is slightly different to writing website content. When a customer has chosen to invest time in reading your literature, you already have their attention. As your copywriter, my task is to maintain that attention and build a story around your brand that engages them. DropCapCopy will provide fresh content that’s written with a style and tone of voice to suit your customers to help you raise brand awareness and build your reputation.

When brochure writing for print, it’s useful for me to work with your graphic designers as well. This helps both me and them to get a feel for what works well together on the page and make sure we show you off in just the right way.

Raise your profile with your company brochure – get in touch today to begin your story!




Writing Your Editorial & PR

editorial |ɛdɪˈtɔːrɪəl| adjective
relating to the commissioning or preparing of material for publication in a newspaper or magazine which contains news, information, or comment as opposed to advertising.

At DropCapCopy, we can create strong editorial copy where you or your business are the subjects. Crafting the words for a journalistic style newspaper article on your subject, or a more conversational and informative article for a feature piece on a specialist area or topic in trade or home interest magazines.

But sometimes people just need facts. The facts of who you are, what you’re doing and exactly why people need to know about it. When that’s the case, you’ll require something more hard-hitting for when you’ve really got something to say. A well-written press release will get you noticed and get your news out there for thousands of readers to read all about it.

Need captivating words for your editorial or PR? Email me today and let’s start spreading the news!

Look at some previous editorial projects and see the results.




Writing Your Direct Marketing

marketing |ˈmɑːkɪtɪŋ| noun
direct marketing: the business of selling products or services directly to the public, e.g. by letter or email, rather than through retailers.

With over 100 billion emails sent around the world every day, making yours stand out in the crowded inbox of your customers can be a challenge. Luckily, DropCapCopy can help you.

Direct marketing is one of the most common and effective ways to generate interest in your business or product. It’s all about targeting a specific part of your customer base and engaging them to make that click through to your website or to pick up the phone.

We’ll always look at your direct marketing from your customer’s point of view, writing compelling copy that answers their ‘what’s in it for me?’ questions and concerns.

From short and snappy subject lines to the art of persuasive copy, if you’ve got the client list, I can work with you to write sales letters or emails that sell.

Need persuasive words for your direct marketing? Let’s talk today and start selling!



Copywriting training

training |ˈtreɪnɪŋ| noun
the action of teaching a person a particular skill or type of behaviour.

Do you write your own business web or print copy in-house? If you do, you might need some help to fine tune it and make it work as effectively as possible for you. Without a specialist marketing team writing for you, your content might be doing the equivalent of shouting into the wind with no one being able to hear you (or find out about you).

To help you, DropCapCopy can offer half day courses of informal copywriting training. You’ll get proven methods, hints and tips so your own team can improve your web or print output, make it better and make it work for you.

What areas do you need help with – Social media? Blogs? General web page content? Let us know and we’ll create a custom session centred around you to help your copy get the best results! Email me today to discuss what you need.




What Else Can DropCapCopy Do To Help You?

help |hɛlp| verb
make it easier or possible for (someone) to do something by offering them one’s services or resources.

So, what else can I do to help you? Well, apart from…

writing original, engaging copy for your website;
driving traffic to your website through engaging blogs and content marketing;
creating snappy social media content for your brand platforms;
writing eye-catching editorial and PR to promote your product, business and website;
writing on-brand content for your brochures and marketing literature that promotes your products and services;
writing captivating direct marketing emails and letters that help boost your sales

Of course, all these things and more besides, are part of my role as a copywriter to help you get everything you can out of your business. On top of all that though, I can also offer you a helping hand with anything you’ve already written yourself.

No matter how many times you’ve looked over and checked your copy, mistakes and errors can slip through the net. And no one wants to put a website live or have thousands of brochures printed, only to discover them after it’s too late. As an affordable copy editing & proofreading service from DropCapCopy, I take the words you’ve written, then review, edit and restructure them, giving them a boost until they’re a fighting fit selling tool.

Content, flow and grammar are all looked at, so the final copy will do exactly what it’s supposed to do – sell your business, product or service. Leaving you with more time to focus on what you do best.

So if you have a document for print or web that needs reviewing, drop me an email for more information and a special rate.

As well as all that, you’ll also get to take advantage of my 20 years experience in design, print and marketing too, so you’re getting more than ‘just’ copywriting from me!

I’ve created press-ready artwork for many print projects and liaised with printers all over the UK throughout my career. So, I’m in a good position to offer design advice and a jargon-free guide to various papers and print finishes.

If you’re looking for companies to work on your design and print, or even help with your marketing, I’m in touch with several businesses who specialise in these areas and I’d be happy to introduce you to them.


*A great quote by Shirley Polykoff. You may not have heard of her, but she was an American advertising executive. Her tagline of “Does She… Or Doesn’t She? Only her hairdresser knows for sure” dramatically increased sales for Clairol in the USA. She was also likely to have been the inspiration for the character of Peggy Olsen in Mad Men.

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Published by Graeme on 9 January 2014