Client: Made With Maturity – Web & Marketing Agency, Plymouth
Brief: To provide all new web page content for major website relaunch
When: March 2016


“We recently contracted DropCapCopy to work on a client project with us. Graeme was a delight to work with. He responded quickly, produced a high quality set of copy, and maintained active communication with us throughout. We were impressed with Graeme’s copywriting skills and will be working with DropCapCopy again on future projects.”
Ben & Clare Stirling, Made With Maturity ~ Web Design & Marketing Specialists.


Part of the appeal of being a freelance copywriter is the almost endless list of topics you get to write about. I think it’s one of the most compelling arguments for going freelance. The work is varied and interesting—never a dull moment as they say. And workflows and project lists get all the more interesting when you land a writing gig with an agency.

Last year, I was fortunate to hook up with Ben & Clare Stirling at Made With Maturity, a web & Marketing Agency in Plymouth. I’ve been lucky enough to work on several projects with them for their clients over the months. One of the more recent projects offered to me was writing web page content for the 17th Century Plymouth Pub, The Miners Arms.


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Project Background

The pub was undergoing a huge rebranding effort at the time and Made With Maturity (MwM) had already done a lot of the leg work on a wider web and marketing schedule for the pub’s owners.

Having her hands full with ad campaigns, social media and writing other news articles, Clare outsourced the writing of the refreshed web pages to me. Being the main project manager for the marketing side of things, she was my point of contact throughout the process while Ben was meticulously designing and building the brand new site.

Among a flurry of emails, notes on the writing style and tone of voice came through to navigate the pub in a new direction. MwM also enlisted an SEO expert to research the market to ensure we were hitting the mark on various searches.

SEO information that is provided before the copy is written is such a bonus. It can cut writing time right down, as you know exactly what keywords are required to weave into the copy. All the while, keeping the copy in a natural and conversational style – just what Google likes!


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One of the most gratifying parts of copywriting is that you’re always learning something new. Copywriters don’t need to be an expert on a subject, in order to write like one—however, there’s always a good amount of research going on behind the scenes before a single word is written.

For this project, I spent time exploring the history of the pub. Its humble beginnings, the importance it played in the community for the local miners and its resurgence since the nearby mine reopened. All research to turn into words for the new website’s History page. A nice touch was also having to find out more about the Pub’s very own real ale—who said research was boring?

After all these preliminaries, the completed first draft was sent to Clare for client approval. Then it was time to play the waiting game.


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Second Draft and Home

When the project picked up for me again a week or two later, Clare came back with just a handful of tweaks. After her discussions with the client, there were some minor amends required to what I had written, plus I needed to expand the information in a couple of key areas and add some copy in about the suitability for horse riders to stop by—a very important market!

This is the kind of thing that can happen on larger projects that are more ongoing than the quick turnaround jobs. Clients are prone to want to add, amend or delete sections—it’s all part of the process. In this case, we were fortunate to have nailed it about 90% right first time around. That’s the benefit of a good brief!

With changes and tweaks complete, the second draft went back to Clare–and subsequently back to the client–for final approval.

Once I had confirmation of everything being OK, that was the end of the project for me. Of course, for MwM, they still had the wider marketing to take care of and the finalisation of the new website.


When the site did go live in May, it was interesting to see how much of my copy survived any further edits or changes–I was really pleased to see it there in its entirety. Due to the changing nature of original briefs, there were a few tweaks and additions that had been put in place since my copy was approved, but that’s the nature of a longer project – things evolve.

Of course, there is copy on the site which I had no involvement in and was not included in my brief to complete. All copy for News, Events, Job Vacancies and Policies, plus any social media updates are all handled, written and updated on an ongoing basis between MwM and their client.

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