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Client: Priority Pixels
Brief: To write service pages website content
When: February 2017

DropCapCopy Website Content Sample

“We’ve worked with Graeme at DropCapCopy on several projects and what he supplied for our own website was absolutely brilliant! Just the right tone of voice, with a mix of technical terms but not completely baffling to a web newcomer. Professional, diligent and efficient – I’d recommend him to anyone looking for Copywriting or Editing services.”
Nathan Yendle ~ Priority Pixels.

I’ve known Paul, web developer and partner at Priority Pixels, for almost 10 years now. We were work colleagues for a few years and kept in touch throughout our freelance careers. Now he’s teamed up with Nathan and set up Priority Pixels – a straight talking, hard working web and digital agency.

I’d already done a couple of copywriting content projects before for them. But they’d been saying for ages that they need to update their own website to show their full-service offering. But, of course, paying clients come first, so the project slipped down the priority (pixels) list. Good news came in the new year though and taking advantage of a rare quiet time, Paul and Nathan got their heads together.

The brief and the project

The brief was to write website content for 22 service pages that covered every aspect of the Priority Pixels digital offering. Paul & Nathan had already done their homework. They’d researched their style and tone of voice requirements and Paul had looked into key information he wanted including.

He also provided me with a skeleton outline of what was required for some of the pages (“this is very rough, but it’s the kind of thing we want to say…”). When it comes to writing website content, even the smallest contribution from a client can help a copywriter, no matter how insignificant it seems.

I started off with one sample page. I spent some time playing around with styles to try and strike the right tone that would suit Paul, Nathan and Priority Pixels. They didn’t want to come across as too techy – putting off potential clients who might not be too web-savvy – but they needed to show that they had the skills, knowledge and passion for all things web. With a bit of humour sprinkled in for good measure, I managed to nail it for them. Once they approved that first page, I was off and running with the other 21!

The brief was for roughly 150 words per service page. But, in the end, some were over and some were under as we expected, but it worked out well. Paul uploaded them to site and they’re now live – see below images for a few page samples.

It was a great opportunity for me to get creative with website content. Finding the right tone to suit, getting the level of humour just right and providing that TOV throughout to create a great set of readable, snappy content that we’re all happy with.

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Click any of these four images for a larger version or visit the Priority Pixels services page to see the whole set.

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Published by Graeme on 5 March 2017