Project Description

Client: Bovisand Harbour Development // Knowthis Agency
Project: Property copywriting for website and brochure
When: Autumn 2021

View of Bovisand Harbour development from teh harbour

Bovisand Harbour is a luxury property development currently underway on the South Devon coast. Working with branding and design agency, Knowthis, I joined the project to write focused, property copywriting for the development’s sales brochure and website.

Property Copywriting Project Background

Bovisand Harbour is a new collection of luxury lifestyle homes in the South Hams, inside the South Devon AONB. Development owner, former BBC Director General, Greg Dyke, is transforming the historic fortifications of Fort Bovisand, creating a range of prestigious homes and apartments with a full concierge service. Design and branding agency, Knowthis, took the project lead on creating all the online and offline marketing material. I joined them to create compelling, luxury-focused property copywriting for the development.

Landing Page and Teaser Campaign

Property copywriting for Bovisand Harbour landing page

Bovisand Harbour landing page

Property copywriting for Bovisand Harbour social posts

Bovisand Harbour social posts

Before the launch of the main website, a simple landing page provided a platform to register interest in the development. This only needed an intro paragraph of property copywriting, a key strapline, and a subheader. A variation of this also appeared as a half-page press ad in both the Sunday Times and The Telegraph.

In the strapline idea process, I wrote a whole batch, several of which appeared in the social media teaser campaign. [Click images for larger versions]

Development Sales Brochure

For the development’s launch in October 2021, the printed sales brochure became the priority. Although an overview of the whole development, it would be integral in selling both the properties and the superb location to prospective buyers. The brochure included property copywriting and summary content for different areas, including:

> A brief background history of the development
> The location overview
> Land and water activities
> Local food and drink
> The concierge service

Bovisand Harbour sales brochure cover

Click to see full PDF of the Bovisand harbour sales brochure

There was plenty of local research needed for that lot of course. But the key purpose of the brochure was to showcase the first phase of the development. That involved property copywriting and details of the homes – including detailed directions to the site (thanks Google!).

For the research on this part, I talked with the development’s architects and interior designers – and the developers themselves. This helped uncover everything I needed to know about Phase 1. Once complete, content from the sales brochure also got repurposed for use in the local press.

One of the most satisfying parts of this process was establishing the four development phase names. Each of them needed to tie in with the location but also with the rich history of the site and the wider area. With full, first-round approval on all my suggestions, the names are now a permanent part of the development phases – they are:

> Palmerston Court – Phase 1
> Anchorage Apartments and Drake’s View – Phase 2
> Mayflower Point – Phase 3
> Artillery Row, Moncrieff House, and Rennie House – Phase 4

Updated versions of the sales brochure will be printed for the release of each new phase. That means much of the general content will remain the same. But new property copywriting will convey the style and luxury of each of the landmark-defining homes.

Bovisand Harbour Website

The final piece of marketing for the first phase of Bovisand Harbour was the full website. Using the sales brochure summary copy, I had the freedom to create extra content and write expanded and more in-depth copy to suit.

The key sections on the site are The Development and The Local Area. This section features plenty of local interest information with a ton of local research needed. This includes the site history, area conservation, walks, beaches, Dartmoor and the South Devon AONB, and info on some of the best places to eat and drink.

Again, the website will get updated with the release of each new phase, complete with new property copywriting. All detailing the prestigious living space of each of the iconic homes.

Property Copywriting With DropCapCopy

Are you a design agency or a property developer? If you need property copywriting for your luxury development, contact me or email me at today. I specialise in creative website copywriting and content marketing alongside online and printed sales brochures.