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Copywriting FAQs

Everybody will have a copywriting FAQ, whether you’ve worked with a freelance copywriter before or if this is your first time. You’re bound to have something to ask me, whether it’s about my copywriting process, how much it costs, or how long it will take. While no projects are ever exactly the same, that usually means no answer is exactly the same either.

Here’s a selection of answers to some of the more common copywriting FAQs. Click the plus (+) of the FAQ to see a quick answer…

Who is DropCapCopy? Well, it’s a professional copywriting, content writing, and copyediting service, owned and run by me, Graeme Piper, a freelance copywriter (find out a little more about me).

In a nutshell, I help B2B and B2C businesses by writing marketing copy for web and print that’s engaging, conversational, and informative (learn more about my copywriting services).

And it’s just me. So when we work together, you’ll always have direct contact with me for complete continuity and reliability. (That’s a good thing, trust me).

The location of any digital service is not so relevant these days (all praise t’internet and global clients). But I’m based in Newton Abbot, right between the cities of Exeter and Plymouth, in South Devon, southwest UK.

All copywriting aims to help sell your products or services and show them off in the best possible way. Key services include online copy for your website or landing pages, or copy for print brochures and marketing material. Even your PR and editorial for newspaper and magazine articles, and press releases.

But content marketing is also important for any business So regular blogs and business case studies are high on my list of output for many clients. But there are other things besides. Everything from product descriptions and video scripts to copyediting and more. For more info, see my copywriting services.

As a B2B and B2C copywriter, I work with businesses and organisations of all sizes and in all sectors. Being a copywriter based in Devon, this – and the South West as a whole – is where the core of my clients come from. But many are based all over the UK too.

I’m a generalist, so I don’t limit myself to writing for any specific industry or sector. But if you need professional copywriting for web or print that adds value to your business and your customers, I can help you.

I also work with creative web, design, and digital agencies too. So if you’re an agency owner and need a flexible copywriter for your clients, contact me. I’d love to work with you.

This can be quite an in-depth FAQ to get into. But there’s always a need for high-quality, written copy and content. And you should use a professional copywriter to write it.  This works in the same way as when you use other professional services like accounting, legal, or plumbing.

Writing copy is much more than good spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. Those are all important, but a copywriter can help find fresh perspectives, digging out the right words to sell your business or product, and deliver the copy on time for you (because you probably don’t have the time to write it in the first place).

Working with a professional copywriter will also help give you a consistent voice. This is really important for your customers and how they see and read your messaging. If you’re serious about how your business website reads and performs, then using a copywriter will be a worthwhile investment.

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How much I will charge depends on several different factors. But for almost all projects, however big or small, I quote a ‘per-project’ price. That means you know exactly how much your project will cost – with everything included – before we start. And that price will stay the same unless you need extra work that hasn’t already been quoted for.

Every cost is carefully considered. It reflects my time, effort, and experience – together with your project’s research, thinking, and editing time. The value the final copy can add to your own business is also taken into account.

For a conversation and a detailed proposal on your project, contact me.

Simple answer = no. Why? A free sample of my copywriting still takes time to research, write, edit, and proofread. Naturally, this comes at a cost. Phrases like “It’ll look great in your portfolio” or “it could lead to more work in the future” don’t pay bills. No one should be asked to provide a free sample.

For any ‘sample’, I charge a minimum of £75 (0% VAT) though this could increase depending on what you need.

I have various samples of previous recent projects on the site for you to get a flavour of what I do. I can also provide links to samples that aren’t included.

I tend not to use hourly rates and price most projects with complete ‘per project’ costs. This option gives you the best value of my time and your money. But, if you do need my services for smaller projects or ‘looking something over’, these prices will apply:

Standard rates (as from 1 April 2023): £75 per hour // £250 per half-day (4 hours) // £415 per full-day (8 hours)  – all at 0% VAT.

These are in line with suggested rates surveyed by the Professional Copywriters Network.

How long your project will take to write is a common copywriting FAQ and the answer depends on several factors.

My schedule can be booked up 2-3 weeks in advance (sometimes more or less depending on what’s already scheduled in). But it can also depend on the size of your project, what you need, and what your own deadline is.

Though I might not be able to start your project for a week or two, we can discuss it and look at the details. To get your project scheduled to start ASAP, I’ll send you a detailed proposal with costs. If you have an urgent project, I may have the capacity to do a quick turnaround for you (no promises).

The best thing to do is contact me and I can give you my availability and potential first draft turnaround time.

The copywriting process can be different for different projects. Generally, once your requirement is finalised and prices are agreed, I’ll send you a copywriting agreement. This covers everything we’ve discussed and needs to be signed before I can get started on your first draft.

When the first draft is ready for your approval, it may include questions or comments from me. That’s all part of the process. You then have two rounds of revisions per web page or per blog as standard, based on your comments.

If we’re working on a larger website project with multiple pages, I generally work on one page first for you to check the style, tone, and content. Once that has been approved, I’ll continue work on the remaining pages.

Once the remaining work is complete, I’ll send the documents over to you together with your invoice. You’ll then have 14 days payment terms during which I can complete any revisions or adjustments you might need.

For payment terms, I take a 50% deposit from all new clients before I get started on any project. The 50% balance is payable upon completion.  When a project is a higher cost, particularly large, or ongoing, these payment terms apply to existing clients as well.

I’ll start the project based on our discussed start dates when I receive your 50% deposit. I’ll send you the 50% balance invoice with the final batch of content.

While my terms are strictly 14 days from the date of the balance invoice, you’ll have those 14 days to come back to me with any amends you need.

If you use a purchase order system, please make sure I have a PO or reference number in good time to include it on your invoice. All my bank transfer payment details are included on the invoice.

What’s the next step? All good things start with a conversation. So when your business needs fresh, engaging, and conversational copy for web or print, contact me and let’s have a chat. And if you own or run a creative agency and your clients need copy and content, hit me up.

I’m based in Newton Abbot, so perfectly positioned to come and visit you in Exeter or Plymouth or beyond in either direction. Or to kickstart your project we can have a socially distant, time-saving  Zoom, Teams, Skype, or Facetime meeting.

Take the next step today. Get in touch and send me a message or give me a call on 07429 128 849.

Got a copywriting FAQ that isn’t covered here?

Call me on 07429 128 849, send me a message, or email me at write@dropcapcopy.com. Tell me what you need to know, and I’ll be in touch.

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