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To this, I say absolutely, yes. Professional copywriting that’s high quality, well researched, and engaging really can work for your business. And with a healthy dose of SEO mixed in, it can make a real difference to your brand and your bottom line.

Of course I’d say that. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t biased in this argument because, well, I’m a B2B and B2C copywriter.

That said, many of us copywriters still find ourselves in education mode a lot of the time.

Whether we’re talking with clients, chatting at a networking event, or even socialising, we’re fighting the good fight for great copy and pushing all the benefits it can bring.

Why Use Professional Copywriting?

There are plenty of reasons why your business really should use a copywriter. But there are still businesses who don’t. The ones who aren’t ready to buy into good quality, professional copywriting or don’t yet see it as a worthwhile investment. The reasons why can be a mixed bag. 

“We can’t afford it.”

“We’ve spent too much on the website.”

“There’s no need for it – our products sell themselves.”

“It’s only words – we’ll write it ourselves.”

While some of these statements might seem dismissive, others may (or may not) be true, depending on your opinion. Either way, they can all be counterintuitive – maybe even detrimental – to the success of your product or your business.

Professional copywriting is more than ‘just words’. It’s the gentle art of persuasion with added empathy and understanding of your customer.

Their pain points.

The things that keep them awake at night.

The things they don’t know they can’t live without.

Copy and content is the key to increasing your brand awareness, your conversion rates, and your sales. But there is an added ingredient that can make great copywriting even more effective.

Professional Copywriting With Impact

As a freelance copywriter, it’s sometimes difficult to find out what impact my copy has on my client’s business. They may not be analytics addicts or metrics masters, and that’s fine. They understand the value of well written and informative copy and the effect it can have on their customers.

Even so, I’m usually none the wiser on how many conversions any blog or web page has created.

So when clients get serious about their content and commit to investing in it long term, they get an SEO expert on board. Someone who’s able to uncover the most relevant words or phrases being used by your ideal customers when they’re searching for similar products.

It doesn’t matter if they’re a freelance SEO expert or part of a full-service agency. The knowledge and experience they have in search engine marketing can bring fantastic results.

Real Results For Real Clients

Recently, two of my clients have given me feedback on the direct impact my copy has had on their search engine results. Though very different businesses, they show how well-written and engaging content – with added SEO – can really work. The following live examples show you how:

– Example 1

Who: Workwear clothing brand | Age: Start-up (less than a year old at the time)

Their original website did a job for them, but they now wanted to upgrade the site with new copywriting throughout. The web design agency they were using recommended me as a freelance copywriter and I joined the project to write 15 pages, plus page titles and meta descriptions for each one.

The agency’s SEO team prepared a list of relevant search terms and phrases for me to use throughout the site’s new content. All these terms were a direct result of words potential customers were using when searching Google to look for similar workwear products.

The result? In the first month of the refreshed site going live, some pretty impressive stats came across to me. Overall traffic had increased by 29% (compared to the same period the previous month). As well as that:

– Site users were up by 37%

– Organic traffic had risen by 25%

– Sessions had increased by 32%

– Example 2

Who: Will writing & estate protection company | Age: Well established

While this company’s website has low rankings, they were keen to push certain services they were offering. To help them, they began working with my client, a specialist search marketing agency. They recommended a series of informative blogs to include specific target search phrases. 

By adding strategic keyword research into each blog, it would create traffic from web searches. This would add a high amount of authority on to their corresponding service page. In turn, this would increase the overall power of the site, while each new blog would bump it up further.

To kick start the process, I rewrote an older blog they already had on site which was getting minimal traffic. But it could be doing much better. I added the target search phrase (a long tail keyword) and increased the article’s length from 500 to 1,000 words.  

The result? The post jumped up 84 positions in the search results. From languishing on page 9, it shot up to the bottom of page 1 in just a couple of weeks.

The Recipe For Success

Both these examples show the power of professional copywriting. The web copy in example one was in an informal, conversational style for a lifestyle product. The blog article in example two was more formal in tone, but added real in-depth value to the reader on a complex subject.

While both differ in subject matter, tone, and style, the copy in each example was engaging, informative, and helpful to the specific audience – criteria Google will reward you for regardless. Content is still King after all.

Because of this, professional copywriting really will work for your business. But adding targeted SEO is the icing on the cake. It will make great copy even better by being even more effective and working even harder for you. 

When you’re looking to refresh your website or create a series of blogs to push your products or services, getting a professional copywriter like me on board can be a sound investment. And I know a few SEO experts that can help you too.

Ready to increase your traffic with great content and copywriting? Get in touch with me today.