5 reasons why you really should use a copywriter

“Copy is a direct conversation with the consumer”

A succinct little quote that neatly sums up what copywriting is. The fact remains that many businesses don’t use copywriters because they’re not entirely sure of what it is we actually do. Which leads them to the question, “Do I even need one?”.

In every aspect of marketing, there’s a need for words. There’s the big, important stuff like writing website content, brochures and editorial. There’s also the smaller stuff like product descriptions, sales letters, blogs, even tweets and Facebook posts, that are just as valuable but often get overlooked. Writing compelling web pages, however, is the king of content marketing and sales.

Size Doesn’t Matter

For small to medium sized businesses (larger businesses will probably have an in-house copywriter and/or marketing team), it’s easy to overlook the importance of words when a large financial outlay is going on a website design or graphic design for brochures.

Words have power

Often, the phrases “It’s only words – I’ll write it myself” and “How hard can it be?” are thrown around without looking at the bigger picture. Yes, they’re only words and you could write them yourself, probably quite easily, but how good will they be and what results would you yield?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a one-man band or a global company with hundreds of employees. You’re all in the same game of trying to sell and market your product or service and make it stand out among your competitors. So, why wouldn’t you invest in the benefits of a good copywriter?

Here’s just 5 reasons why you absolutely should…

1). You’re too close to your business, product or service

While many people in business are experts in their field, by their own admission, they might not be an expert in marketing their products or services. As a result, people who choose to write their own copy often focus on the business aspect, often bragging how they are bigger and better than some competitors. They fail to concentrate on the customer and their needs and that doesn’t make for easy or enjoyable reading for the very people they’re trying to sell to.

A professional copywriter isn’t involved in your day to day business activities. Therefore, you’ll get a fresh perspective on your product, service or business. They will be able to communicate your service or product benefits far more effectively to your potential customer.

2). Your time is too valuable

When you’re running a business, your time is spent managing all the daily tasks that go with it. You don’t have time to focus on your web and marketing priorities. Writing good copy for brochures, websites or any other marketing literature, takes time. If you opt to write your own copy, it may take 3 or 4 times longer to write than it would take a pro copywriter.

You may eventually decide to cut your losses and let a copywriter write it anyway. Why not save yourself that time, hire a copywriter who will capture your services, features and benefits quickly and efficiently, while you spend your valuable time on building your business. Deadlines remain intact and you can reap the rewards of more sales more quickly.

3). You’ll get fresh web content each time

Fresh web copy
You might think that duplicating copy throughout your website will save you time. It will, but it doesn’t look good and will definitely be a reason for your visitors to look elsewhere. Google doesn’t like duplicated pages or stale copy and you need Google on your side if you want to rise up the search rankings and beat your competitors.

A professional copywriter will provide you with freshly written content for each web page, making sure your site is a high quality, Google friendly sales machine. Bringing organic traffic (visitors coming to your site through a standard web search) to your site is the ultimate SEO goal. Fresh, well written and valuable content is vital for this and a good copywriter will deliver it.

4). You’ll get maximum investment with minimal expense

Spending thousands of pounds on good, original web content marketing probably won’t be necessary for the majority of businesses. Though a copywriter’s fee will add to the overall cost of your snazzy new website, in return you’ll get fresh content (see above) that, in turn, will allow you to:

• Promote your business, product or service effectively
• Gain more potential customers
• Increase brand awareness
• Increase conversion rates
• Increase sales

Copywriting is a skill and a professional copywriter will command a professional fee for their expertise. However, using one shouldn’t break the bank and will prove to be a sound investment in the long term. Once the copy is written, it’s yours to benefit from.

5). You’re not a copywriter

As I mentioned right at the top, you are more than likely an expert in your business and in the products you sell or the service you provide. That’s great. But you’re not a copywriter. Running a business successfully means making mistakes and learning from them over time. You’ve been there and done that. A copywriter has been there and done it too.

Copywriters don’t need to be an expert in your business in order to write like one. We talk to you to find out more, we look at your previous marketing literature, we research, we use our own experience, both as a writer and as a consumer.

We’ve learnt the skills to write concise web copy that is original, easy to read and has the SEO keywords required for you and your website. We know how to give you well-structured content that will get people onto your site and stay there.

Giving you the edge

So there you have it. 5 reasons why you absolutely should hire a freelance copywriter. This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but gives you a good idea why you should let a professional copywriter handle the task of producing your valuable web pages and content marketing. Hiring a good one will be a move that gives you the edge.

DropCapCopy is perfectly poised to deliver engaging and effective copy for your web pages and online content. Check out some of my testimonials and read a bit more about what I can do for you.

When you’re ready to go ahead, email me and let’s get started!

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Published by Graeme on 11 April 2016