Project Description

Client: Jessica Ball Associates // Connexion Software
Project: Web copywriting
When: Spring 2021

Technically Competent Management website from Jessica Ball Associates

Jessica Ball Associates is a Somerset-based company specialising in Technically Competent Management cover and training for permitted and exempt waste facilities. Run by Jessica Ball, her industry experience, knowledge, and management expertise helps these waste facilities achieve environmental compliance. As part of a brand new website launch, Jessica needed purpose-led web copywriting to go with it.

Project Background

As a successful Technically Competent Management (TCM) cover and training provider in waste management, the time was right to have an online presence to boost her business credentials. Agency, Connexion Software, was building and developing the new site. I came into the project to provide web copywriting for a new Jessica Ball Associates site, centred around Technically Competent Management.

Technically Competent Management

TCM is quite a niche sector and not an easy subject to get your head around, especially for the uninitiated (like me!). But in a nutshell, Jessica Ball Associates supplies TCM cover to permitted waste facilities for full environmental compliance. Other services include technical and regulatory advice and support, guidance on compliance issues, and site visits.

On a Zoom call with Jessica, she answered my (many) questions and followed up with more detailed background info on herself and her business. Few people outside this sector would have even a basic knowledge of Technically Competent Management. Having this detailed info at my fingertips was a real bonus.

The purpose of the website is to be more of a business and service overview rather than a detailed, multipage site. That allowed us to limit the content to just three pages:

> Home page covering the ‘what we do’, ‘who we are’, and ‘areas we cover’ information
> About page covering the background on the business and the owner
> Contact page with contact form and associated contact details

As a copywriter, my role is to understand the detail and convert technical information into copy that’s easy to read and understand. That appeals to everyone – including those waste facilities that already know what they need (Technically Competent Management) and what’s involved. Stripping away the unnecessary technical detail leaves a clean and simple site with just the essential information.


Technically Competent Copywriting With DropCapCopy

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