Project Description

Client: H.M.Williams Accountants & Tax Advisers
Project: Web copywriting for company website redesign
When: Spring 2019

HMWilliams Services page

“Graeme’s written content for us before, so we knew he’d be a good fit for us in writing new copy for our website relaunch. The creative copy he produced suited us down to the ground in its style and tone, and helped us present a less formal approach to our services. We happily approved it with virtually no amends needed. Excellent!”

Ashley Smith, H.M.Williams ~ Certified Chartered Accountants and Tax Advisers.


This project saw me working with web and digital agency, Made With Maturity. While they led the project and tackled the site’s design, I stepped in to provide jargon-free web copywriting. Together, we created a barnstorming new website for Plymouth-based Accountants, H.M.Williams.

Project Background

Based in Plymouth, H.M.Williams have been giving expert tax and accounting advice since 1973. Following a move to new premises in 2018, the first project on their marketing strategy was a new website.

Their previous site lacked a clear direction or style, so the MwM team started work on a bold and fresh site design. And, once the wireframes and site map received the go-ahead, I got started on the content.

Web copywriting for accountants

When you’re writing copy for accountants, the key is to stand out from the competition. Or at least be different as you can. During the research period, I got to see how many sites are all saying the same thing.

As H.M.Williams are proud to do things a little different in their practice, I wanted to do the same. So a good place to start for me was their Why Choose Us? page. This was an ideal opportunity to see how informal we could go with the copy. Setting the tone with the opening intro paragraph, I started as I meant to go on.

And while it’s not a total informal free for all throughout, it’s loose, conversational, and easy to read. But it also keeps the professional feel they wanted. Once that page got approval, it was a question of retaining that style throughout the site.

Keeping it short, simple, and easy to read

The challenge was to make the content informative and enjoyable. Accountants and accounting can be a minefield. So I wanted to include lighthearted phrases or lines that could resonate with anyone. Especially if they’re unsure about any process or service.

Across every section of the site, I wanted people to be comfortable and relaxed reading the copy. Keeping it short, simple, and easy to read, it gives the people the key points they need without any jargon. And it works well. The last thing anyone needs on a confusing topic is a confusing or impenetrable website.

While some accountants can have a bit of a formal reputation, H.M.Williams isn’t one of them. This was a refreshing project to work on. I was lucky to have the freedom to write in a way that makes the process easy for every site visitor.

If your website’s in need of a less formal style, get in touch and let’s chat about what we can do to make it happen.

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