Project Description

Client: Nathan McCarter Joinery
Project: SEO web copywriting
When: Summer 2019

Image from Nathan McCarter Joinery website

Nathan McCarter Joinery is a progressive joinery company based in Tavistock, South Devon. Using a blend of traditional methods, and contemporary tooling, they create handcrafted wooden doors and windows for discerning customers. As part of a company-wide rebrand, their new website needed a complete refresh with new web SEO copywriting.

Project Background

Since launching in 2007, Nathan McCarter Joinery (NMJ) has seen a growing demand for their handcrafted joinery services. Having built up an unrivalled reputation, 2019 became the year for a company-wide rebrand. The whole project saw NMJ working with a select team of freelancers. These included:

> Dave Hallett Web Design & Development

> Prior Creative Digital Branding

> Dom Moore Photography

With me added to that list, their next step included professional SEO copywriting to increase the organic site traffic.

SEO web copywriting

Their existing website was light on copy and informative content in almost every area. To address this, we had a valuable discussion to look at what tone, style, and direction the new copy should take. Making a complete break from the existing website copy, the all-new copy would give NMJ a consistent tone of voice right through the site.

To make my job much easier, Dave Hallett had completed the SEO analysis for keywords and relevant search. And to complement that, I also completed a deep dive of research and competitor analysis. This meant every page would give potential customers the most relevant and helpful information.

Each page has a professional style that uses the right tone and language for NMJ. More importantly, they’re easy to read and focus on what matters to NMJ’s target audience. And they also all include the benefits of using NMJ, including the final aesthetics, alongside their renowned quality and service.

Blog and case study copywriting

Case studies of previous projects were also needed to add even more informative content to the site. Each one focuses on a recent NMJ project and summarises the issues, the processes and challenges involved, and the final results. And, to create further pages for the site, over time we’ve added pages including staff bios and ‘How we work‘ sections, all giving customers full transparency.

Shortly after the site launch, NMJ also decided to invest in regular blog articles with added SEO to extend its reach. Over the last couple of years, each 1,000-word article has covered a range of relevant topics, containing helpful content for their customers. To really hit the spot, each one has also had extensive SEO keyword research behind it, each time supplied by Dave Hallett.

Web copywriting for business

Rebranding across the board can be a major investment for any business. But Nathan McCarter Joinery saw it as exactly that: an investment – not a finite cost or big, one-off fee. SEO web copywriting with a clear tone of voice is an important part of that investment.

Today, the site currently ranks for multiple top 10 national keywords with clients now contacting NMJ from all over the UK. Thanks to that, the business is now fully booked 12 months in advance (at the time of writing) instead of the usual 3-6 months.

So when your business is rebranding or refreshing, don’t forget about your website and good SEO web copywriting. Contact me today and let’s make that investment work for you. And check out some other recent web copywriting projects.

“Graeme has been so great to work with over the last couple of years and would highly recommend him to anyone. Always happy to help, even with the smaller tasks, making something boring into something exciting and engaging. He’s really taken the time to understand our business, product and us as a team, which makes him so easy to work with.”

Felicity McCarter, Office Manager, Nathan McCarter Joinery