Project Description

Client: Pengersick Castle, Cornwall
Brief: Web copywriting and SEO content
When: November 2016


“Graeme was recommended to me by a colleague and I wasn’t disappointed. In our initial meeting, it was clear he’d done his research and not only is he an excellent copywriter, but he gave us invaluable suggestions and feedback for the site. As a result, I’m already using Graeme for further projects!”
Jo Macaskie, Events Organiser ~ Pengersick Castle.


As a result of some good old networking, the initial contact for this particular job came through a mutual connection (who said networking doesn’t pay?!). After meeting for a discussion and planning session with Jo from Pengersick Castle, we agreed on a deadline and a plan of action.

Project background

Up to this point, Pengersick Castle itself was already a local place of interest. Situated near Penzance, it’s been drawing visitors for the last few years as a well-established tourist attraction. Yet, the owners realised they weren’t maximising the potential of Pengersick. Rethinking their strategy, they decided to leave the ad-hoc visitor tours behind to create a unique and historical wedding and events venue.

Among many other things, there was the small task of getting a brand new website completed and ready for launch by the end of the year. This is where DropCapCopy came in.


I realised that research for the project would be best divided into stages. Stage one would be looking into the history and backstory of the Castle itself. To my surprise, there wasn’t as much information out there about the Castle as I thought, but enough to give me the historical facts. The research for the wedding and event venues market was stage two. And the SEO keyword research added the final stage, so I had an interesting road ahead of me.

Using Google’s keyword planner, I could drill down to the relevant terms and phrases that were right for the venue and add them throughout. Going through this process can be a long-winded task, but well worth it and essential for any site.

First drafts and approval

Working through the first draft, it became clear we’d need more information on the site that wasn’t in the original brief. Jo and I agreed I’d write a ‘Contact Us’ page that would include full contact info and detailed directions to the venue. I also created an ‘About Us’ page to include some historical info about the venue itself.

As with most web projects, the copywriting of all the content is only one aspect to consider. Jo had been pulling together photography, suppliers, and working with the web design team. On top of that, she was looking after other clients and juggling various projects. But this highlights another area where I help clients. I can study the site throughout, consider the end-user experience, and highlight areas where improvements can be made and pages added. Of course, more pages are good for SEO as well.

After a few amendments, the second draft got approval and we forwarded the final copy to the web team. Once they had the copy, they started pulling the site together. As they sent Jo and me the site log-in details, we could see the site evolving. This was really helpful for me, as I could read the copy in its proper context, see how it looked, fitted and read. It also gives me the chance to tweak the copy where necessary and improve its structure and readability.

And we’re live

So, with only a couple of delays, the final site went live in early January 2017. Only a few weeks behind schedule, but it’s important that all the content is right and that everyone’s happy with the look and feel before it does go live. I’m pleased that my web copy got approval in its entirety as well. Jo added some extra info to the site for the ‘Wedding Contacts’, ‘FAQ’s’ and ‘Places To Stay’ pages as she was better placed to provide local information for guests.

If you’re thinking about creating a website for your business, spare a thought for your content. Having a well-designed site that does everything you and your clients need it to do, is only half the story. By having fresh, web copywriting with SEO, new clients will find you quicker and easier.

To find out more, get in touch today and let’s have a chat – and check out some other recent projects for web copywriting too.