Project Description

Client: Priority Pixels – Web & Digital Marketing Agency, Devon
Project: Web copywriting for company website redesign (agency client)
When: September 2018

DropCapCopy Copywriting V.Group Home Page

“Graeme’s a pleasure to work with. He’s written copy for several of our larger client projects, and is professional, diligent and efficient in everything he writes, meeting our client’s expectations with ease. I’d have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for web copywriting or content writing services.”

Nathan Yendle, Priority Pixels ~ Web Design & Digital Marketing Specialists.

V.Group is the leading independent group provider of global marine support services. Providing a full range of ship management and maritime services to commercial shipping, cruise, energy, and defence industries for over 30 years, they have unrivalled industry knowledge.

V.Group Background & Brief

Covering over 20 brands, the current V.Group website had become difficult to navigate with no clear site structure. Adding to that, much of its content was out of date, too long, and without a clear tone of voice. Not a great look for a leading global company.

For complete web development and redesign, V.Group looked to digital marketing agency, Priority Pixels. And they made full of Priority Pixels’ broad digital offering to showcase their services and key brands effectively.

V.Group also needed all new copywriting content across the entire site. This is where I got the call from Priority Pixels to join the project.

The web copywriting process

I’d worked with Priority Pixels on different projects before, so I knew we made a good team. And with this website totalling more than 50 pages, plus case studies, brand intros, and video scripts, this was my largest copy project to date.

Initial calls to the V.Group marketing team confirmed the style and tone the copy should take. I’d also received their brand guidelines, presentations, and strategy and values propositions, giving me all the info I needed to get started.

V.Group wanted short, easy to read, more dynamic copy. So, in direct contrast to the lengthy and overly-technical content on the old website. The existing copy had become hard to read, lacked clarity, and had no clear tone of voice. This was the ideal opportunity to have fresh and engaging copy written for every page. Though the copy needed to be more direct in style, it also had to be business focused, connecting with V.Group’s target customer group of ship owners and managers.

Starting with the Technical Management section, I provided the intro page and 6 sub pages for initial review. After some minor tweaks and edits to make sure they hit the mark, the pages got full approval. I then moved on to the remaining 40-odd pages, including the more formal pages in the Our Group section.

Phase two of the project included:

1). Case studies based on previous V.Group projects in different key areas

2). Short intros and pages for 15 of V.Group’s main brands

3). Six video scripts covering each of V.Group’s main services

After a period of internal checking with the Board of Directors, Executive Team, and relevant departments, the V.Group site went live at the beginning of October 2018.

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