Client: Versatile Insurance
Brief: To write editorial content for national magazine article
When: February 2017



Editorial content in the form of How-to articles and Issue articles provide useful information for readers. They also serve to strengthen a company image as a leader in your field. As Versatile Insurance are a leader in specialist insurance in different areas, placing editorial into magazines they already advertise in made sense.

Project background

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Versatile were still unsure of using an outside resource for their articles and features. In the run up to writing this editorial, I’d already written one piece for them (about specialist insurance required for home renovation) that went down well with the MD (always a good start!). So, going into this second piece, it was much more relaxed for both them and me.

Versatile are a longtime advertiser in the long-running and popular, Home Farmer magazine. Now, editorial space was secure for the March ’17 issue with an article on smallholder insurance. The finished article would feature in the magazine and would be available in newsagents all over the country.


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As with any client project, having a good conversation in the first instance is hugely important. I spoke to Ray (the MD) at length before starting, to talk about the details of the feature, certain specifics that needed inclusion and any background info. He had plenty of that of course!

With all that under my belt (and on my notepad), it was time to plan the next 1,200 words. With so much background research and material already complete, the structure of the story needed working out and planning. Once this important part of the process is done, I’m in the enviable position of being able to ‘just write’. I know how much space and how many words to allocate to various sections and it makes any required editing a much easier prospect.

First drafts and approval

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Ray came back to me with a few minor tweaks and additions, but on the whole, it had approval first time round. This shows how much thought needs to go into the planning of any editorial (and other copywriting). If you can spend a few hours on the planning stages, it saves huge amounts of time in the writing and editing processes. I can write it quicker and more accurately at the first draft stage, which means the client is happy (which is what it’s all about).

As with all editorial – especially for magazines – the lead time can be lengthy. All printed press have deadlines and though this Home Farmer editorial started in December ’16, it was to appear in the March 2017 issue (on sale in February). So waiting to see the finished article in any magazine can reach to 4 or 5 weeks.

And we’re live

When the Home Farmer website updated to show the current issue was available, I bought a file copy for myself. Looking through it, the final layout looked great being spread over three pages and enhanced by stock images. I don’t have any control over how editorial will appear, so when it’s well done with a good use of images, it makes it easier for readers to take notice and not move onto the next article.

However, many buyers and subscribers keep their issues and refer back to them at a later date. So, it’s with hope that what I’ve written on behalf of Versatile will prompt and persuade smallholders and land owners to take specialist insurance with Versatile when they need to.

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