Project Description

Client: 3 Donkeys Clothing
Project: SEO web copywriting
When: Autumn 2019

Home page menus and image from 3 donkeys website

“We needed SEO web copywriting that could help us increase traffic to our site and boost our sales. Graeme’s copy helped increase our organic traffic by 25% and our overall site traffic by 29% in the first month of going live. We can’t recommend Graeme and DropCapCopy highly enough – brilliant job!”

Amanda Marshall, Owner, 3 Donkeys Clothing


As a start-up clothing brand, 3 Donkeys were doing everything right in bringing their ladies 2-into-1 coveralls to market. With a successful social media presence and a handful of brand ambassadors,  their women’s workwear range fills a gap in the market. Now they wanted new SEO Web copywriting to take their site to the next level.

Project Background

In 2017, Amanda Marshall decided all-in-one boiler suits weren’t up to the task of keeping her clean while working on her Dartmoor farm. Neither were they practical for women. So after much market research, she decided to fill a clear gap in the market and design her own.

Twelve months later, 3 Donkeys Clothing launched with their first ladies 2-into-1 coveralls. Armed with an e-commerce website designed and built by Nettl, and an Instagram account, they’d managed to create a product, a buzz, and a band of loyal fans. Now, their next step was to invest in professional SEO copywriting to increase their organic site traffic and sales.

Copy and consistency

As the 3 Donkeys site was already doing business, I came in to review and copyedit the current site pages. With SEO keywords and terms already taken care of, they gave me the most relevant search terms for me to use. Rewriting much of the existing content, I also added in new copy, putting some meat on the bone and injecting some pace. I also wrote fresh copy for several new pages, including their latest product. Collectively, all the copy now has a consistent tone of voice right across the site.

Since the initial project, 3 Donkeys have added more products to their range. That’s meant adding new product pages to the site, as well as more high-value information pages and blogs. With each page, I’ve stuck to a light-hearted tone with a splash of humour. It’s stuffed with information, but easy to read. That style reflects both Amanda and the products while appealing to the target market of women looking for practical, adaptable, and versatile coveralls

SEO web copywriting for results

Good SEO and professional copywriting equals results. And that’s exactly what happened on this project. In the first month of the refreshed site going live, we saw some pretty impressive stats appearing. Overall site traffic had increased by 29% (compared to the same period the previous month). As well as that, site users were up by 37% and organic traffic (people who found the site through a web search) had risen by 25%.

While still keeping tabs on essential SEO, Amanda continues to put her trust in me to create engaging content that boosts her conversions and sales. Together, it’s a formidable combination that I hope continues for many years.

SEO copywriting can be difficult for start-up brands to do, let alone get right, but it really works. Find out how by reading my post which asks: Can Professional Copywriting Really Work For Your Business? (spoiler alert: Yes – it can).

In the meantime, what’s stopping you from getting SEO copywriting for your new website? Get in touch today and let’s get started.