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We all get writer’s block at some point, whether we’re copywriters, creative writers, novelists or bloggers. And these ‘blocks’ aren’t just confined to users of the pen. They can happen whichever art path you’ve chosen to travel, be it visual, performing or creative and it can be tough to crack. As a copywriter, it’s more likely that a lack of inspiration can take hold.

It’s an engaging concept as a copywriter, because, with each project, we’re thrust into a brand new world that can pique our interest and keep our creative juices flowing. On the flip side to that, we can be racking our brains, staring at a blank page, desperate to string a few coherent sentences together on a subject we’re completely unfamiliar with.

Thorough research, planning and some considered thinking should see us through, and whilst we all struggle now and again to find the right word or make a particular sentence or paragraph work well, having a resource of books to fall back on is a great way to get inspiration when we’re totally stuck.

A good dictionary and thesaurus are invaluable and essential tools for wordsmiths everywhere, but over the months, I’ve found, and been recommended, several books and authors that offer substantial motivation and inspiration for writing and other areas.

Who do You rate?

Who do You rate?

I discovered the name of Dave Trott by accident when an infographic appeared from the DMA’s Great British Copywriting Campaign, that asked which copywriters do copywriters rate*. Dave’s unassuming name was top of that list by some margin, so I Googled him to find out just who the hell he was.

After finding out he was a copywriter, an ex-ad executive and creative director, blogger for Campaign and all round eastend good bloke, off to Amazon I clicked to pick up Predatory Thinking. An amazing collection of stories and anecdotes, so simply written, offering solutions on how to get ahead of the game to outwit your competitors in business, as well as getting through everyday life.

His latest, One Plus One Equals Three, didn’t disappoint when it arrived either. More thought provoking tales written in Trott’s matter-of-fact style, this time dealing with creative problems and teaching us to look at things from a different perspective to overcome those pesky mental blocks and get a fresh angle on things. I can see why he came top of that list.

Paul Arden was a recommendation by fellow copywriter @VikkiRossWrites and his books Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite and It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be essentially tell us to go completely against the grain of common sense, take risks and just enjoy our creative output.

Arden’s titles may not instantly roll off the tongue, but, alongside Trott’s contributions, they are fully deserving of space on any creative’s bookshelf, next to the likes of Luke Sullivan, David Ogilvy, Robert Bly etc.

These blokes know a thing or two and to say their combined output is inspiring would be an understatement. Trust them. They will get your creative juices flowing again.

Three industry heavyweights chime in!

Three industry heavyweights chime in!

*It has to be said that, though this list contains writers whose work I’m familiar with through their books, several are included that, to my knowledge, don’t have books at all – they just write great copy.

I got hold of a new font this week (it’s called Bebas and it’s available here) and thought a good time to use it would be to illustrate this blog. I knocked up a few images in Photoshop with some choice quotes from some advertising and writing heavyweights, including some of the aforementioned. Let me know what you think!

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Published by Graeme on 20 June 2015