Networking – Four Things You Need To Know to Be Successful

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One of the most important things about the freelance life (or any other business for that matter), is bolstering the client list. We all need clients to survive and want our metaphorical Rolodexes to be stuffed full of them, all emailing and calling in need of our services. That’s the idea anyway. The reality can


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Every now and again, your Twitter feed can suddenly be doused with tweets involving a certain hashtag asking you to ‘#MakeAComedyScary’ or ‘#RuinAWeddingIn5Words’—the usual trivial phooey that keeps the tweet elite’s creative juices flowing. It’s just another weird and wonderful internet phenomenon that usually lasts for about 48 hours before it disappears and is forgotten

What Was Your Copywriting ‘In’?

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I have a strange feeling. I've found myself making money doing something completely different. And I like it. OK - so copywriting isn't 'completely different' as such, but it's different for me. It's become a career change at the tender age of 43 and it suits me. From printing press minder to Mac artworker (as

Timing Is Everything For This Copywriter

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You know that point when life’s going pretty well, good things are happening as a copywriter and in life in general? Then, over there on the not too distant skyline, there’s a small rain shower, that you know is going to come and drench you just at the wrong time. For me, that particular downpour

Skydiving, Or The Man Who Fell To Earth

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Anyone who has done it or knows anything about skydiving will tell you, repeatedly, that you HAVE to do it. It’s something you NEED to do. It will be the best thing you’ll EVER do. It’s an experience of a LIFETIME. Not normally one to fall for such platitudes, how did this endeavour come about

A Copywriter’s Aspiration For Inspiration

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We all get writer's block at some point, whether we’re copywriters, creative writers, novelists or bloggers. And these ‘blocks’ aren’t always limited to users of the pen. They can happen whichever creative path you’ve chosen and it can be tough to crack. As a copywriter, it’s more likely that a lack of inspiration can take

Copywriting – It’s Not About You, It’s About Them…

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Freelance copywriting means I find myself reading any amount of adverts, articles, brochures, straplines, and headlines. I'm always keen to see other copywriter's styles and how they approach their work and get the razor-sharp results they’re after. There’s also the other side of me that loves to see some of the massive copywriting fails that

Nothing Has Changed – 6 Writing Rules From George Orwell

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Being the Bowie fan that I am, I couldn’t resist a blog using the title of one of his albums. But, this is not a blog about the Dame. It's a blog about a writer who is as essential to writing as Bowie is to music. Step forward Mr. George Orwell. Best known for his

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