A long road with the words 'never give up' painted on it.

As a freelance _____________ (enter your role here), how do you find clients?

I would say ‘win’ clients, but that sounds unnecessarily competitive when us freelancers are all about collaboration.

Do you find clients as a freelancer? Or do they find you?

Either way, it can often be a source of worry. Well, maybe ‘worry’ is the wrong word. But it can often be challenging, let’s put it that way.

A big – and vital – part of freelance life is finding clients. And clients are what you need to make money, hone your skills, and do your thing.

But the question of where you’ll find clients as a freelancer will often have a big question mark hanging over it.

The truth is, they can come to you through a whole variety of unusual ways.

Some obvious. Some not so much. And some are down to chance, coincidence, or just pure dumb luck. Or just playing the long game.

How To Find Clients As A Freelancer

So apart from recommendations/word of mouth and clients finding me through an organic web search as a freelance copywriter, here’s how I managed to find a few of my chance, coincidence, dumb luck, or long-gameplay clients over the years.

✅ I met a small agency client at a networking event, did my first project with them 3 years later, and still work with them on and off.
🔥 Hot tip: To network is to play the long game.

✅ Over on LinkedIn, I speculatively reached out to an indie company I wanted to work with. We connected, and we’ve worked on some nice projects together.
🔥 Hot tip: If you want to work with someone, just speak to them.

✅ In 2017, I sent a web audit request to an SEO expert 165 miles away. When he replied, he said he was looking for a copywriter. He’s now one of my longest-standing clients.
🔥 Hot tip: Blind opportunities are everywhere.

✅ Before I even went freelance, in my previous role, I interviewed a candidate for a graphic design position. During the interview, I clocked the name of where they currently worked. Made a mental note of the agency and emailed them saying how I could help them. Turned out to be a long and fruitful pairing.
🔥 Hot tip: A bit of predatory thinking can work wonders.

So, just four examples of how I managed to find clients as a freelancer – and how you can find them too.

They may not be quick or easy wins, so don’t stop networking, talking, and helping people, assuming it will just ‘happen’ instantly.

But: never give up.

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