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NOW UPDATED (AGAIN)   New to being a freelancer? Need some help from people who have ‘been there, done that’? Luckily, plenty of recommended books are available to help you through, whatever your profession. Here’s my pick of 7 of the best books for freelancers.

Being a relatively experienced freelancer with 7 years of hard labour under my belt (at the time of writing),  you could say I’ve learned a thing or two. Through a mix of tenacity,  persistence, and eye-opening realities – and a lot of actual work – it’s all come together to get me where I am today. But there’s been another constant helping me along the journey too – and that’s books.

Here’s a list of (some of) the books that helped – and still help – me ‘be’ a freelancer, with added links to buy from Amazon. I’ve also added a link to Hive so you can support a much more ethical and tax-paying company. Spoiler: although Hive’s books are often cheaper with free delivery, they can often go out of stock. While some of the books listed are a few years old now, the advice they contain is evergreen. So, in no particular order, let’s get on with it.

*Update – August 2023*

This post was originally published in June 2020 and is now on its umpteenth update because, as we know, there’s always a steady stream of new books hitting the shelves. So I decided to add a few more to the list. So rather than 7, it’s now… well, however many you see! In my opinion, these are the best books for freelancers and give an incredible amount of practical help and wisdom in whichever sector you’re freelancing.

And because this list is always growing, I’ve now taken out any books on copywriting and created a new list of  8 Of The Best Books For Copywriters. So if freelance copywriting’s your game, check that out for some inspired reading. 

The Best Books For Freelancers 2023


Falling Off The Ladder | Helen Hill

Released in 2021, Falling Off The Ladder gives us the story of author Helen Hill’s path to self-employment. As well as sharing her own story, there are a ton of tips, tricks, advice, and even activities to help you master the freelance mindset. From the back cover: “FOTL will challenge you to build your confidence and embrace the freedom and joy in finally being allowed to be yourself and the ruler of your own empire. A seriously good book.

Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive



Front cover of The Human Freelancer

The Human Freelancer | Chris Kenworthy

The Human Freelancer provides a no holds barred, irreverent, and brutally honest look at freelancing. Genuinely hilarious, it’s a must-read for freelancing newbs by someone who’s been there and done that. From the back cover: “A dark sense of humour and high pain tolerance will also maximise your reading enjoyment. I can’t recommend this book highly enough.

Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive



Front cover of Brilliant FreelancerBrilliant Freelancer | Leif Kendall

Brilliant Freelancer is invaluable to give you a more in-depth read on getting started, what to do, and how to do it. Lots of ideas and tips cover pretty much every area, from finding and managing clients to motivating yourself, and keeping track of your finances. However far along the freelancing journey you are, this is a great resource. From the back cover: “Everything you need to take charge of your career.”

Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive



The Autonomous Freelancer | Dominic Kent

Hot off the press in 2023, The Autonomous Freelancer is an up-to-date bible for any new freelancer. Based on his own experiences, Dom’s book details plenty of the areas newbies want to know about, including finding your niche (if you want one), learning productive habits, how to price your work, and crucially, how to make it easier for clients to pay you. Plenty of excellent information and easily actionable tips to take on board. From the back cover: “Unlock the cheat codes to being your best freelance self.”

Buy the book >>> Amazon



Freelance Introvert front coverThe Freelance Introvert | Tom Albrighton

Freelancing can be a lonely gig, but it’s the perfect career move for many introverts. But isn’t it always life’s extroverts who seem to be making all the noise and winning all the work? This book tells you how to learn new skills, get out of your comfort zone, and rise to the challenge, so you can compete with them – without changing who or what you are. From the back cover: “It’s the book you need for the life you want.”

Buy the book >>> Amazon


Front cover of Company of OneCompany of One | Paul Jarvis

If you’re already getting ahead of yourself, thinking of exponential growth, hiring a team, and becoming an agency yourself, have a read of Company of One. While you might be jumping ahead of yourself depending on where you are on the freelance journey, this is a good reminder that sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Staying small could help you – and your clients. From the back cover: “How remaining small can provide the freedom to pursue more meaningful pleasures in life.”

Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive


Survival Skills For Freelancers | Sarah Townsend

I’ve heard and read the phrase “I wish this book was around when I went freelance”. And in the case of this book, it’s true. Stuffed with home truths, freelance realities, and practical advice to make the most of your freelance career, it will help you survive and thrive – without neglecting your mental health and burning out. It’s a go-to book that every freelancer should have on their desk. Essential reading. From the back cover: “Guides you through the highs and lows all freelancers face.

Buy the book >>> Amazon


Front cover of Anti-SellAnti-Sell | Steve Morgan

Your decision to go freelance was the first step. Getting some clients is the crucial second step, which can be hard. As freelancers, putting ourselves out there and selling ourselves can be uncomfortable, nerve-wracking, and stressful. Luckily, Steve Morgan’s got a lot of tips and tricks on marketing and lead generation, and how the best way to sell, is not to sell. And he tells you how it works, why it works – and how to do it. From the back cover: “If you hate the idea of sales and selling yourself, this book will suit you and serve you well.

Buy the book >>> Amazon


Front cover of Fcuk ItF**k It – Do What You Love | John C. Parkin

There’s plenty of us who have leapt a freelance career because we love what we do. That’s why we do it. For others, it’s not as easy. While they’ve found something they love to do, taking that next step can be problematic, and understandably so.  While ‘F**k It’ isn’t about starting as a freelancer, it’s invaluable in teaching you how to ditch anything that’s making you unhappy and make the change that matters. From the back cover: “This is not a book. It’s a call to action.

Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive


I’ll no doubt be adding to this list as and when any new books come along that I think are particularly useful for freelancers. But it’s a worthy collection of the best books for freelancers. And if you only read a few of them, there’s plenty of sound advice in each.


Other useful books

While the previous books will help you if you’re considering going freelance or just starting as a freelancer, my next three recommendations are a bit more general. These books cover different areas but are no less relevant to all freelancers, helping you in distinct ways wherever you are in your freelance journey.


Front cover of Champagne and Wax CrayonsChampagne And Wax Crayons | Ben Tallon

This is a real story charting the highs and lows of Illustrator, Ben Tallon’s, journey to becoming the renowned illustrator he’s gone on to be with plenty of lessons to be learned for any freelancer. It’s funny, informative, and pretty damn useful – he’s endured the pain so you don’t have to. Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive


Front cover of Feck PerfuctionFeck Perfuction | James Victore

Victore is a renowned artist and designer. In this, his second book, he teaches you how to get started, find your voice, overcome your fears, and take action – whatever you want to do in your creative career. The only thing stopping you is you. Bold, brash, and inspirational, this one takes no prisoners. Well worth buying.  Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive


Front cover of Instant NetworkingInstant Networking | Stefan Thomas

Networking isn’t for everyone, but it has to be when you work for yourself. In ‘Instant Networking’, Thomas shows you how to look beyond early morning networking events to find opportunities and make networking part of your everyday routine on screen and in real life. Full of good advice and actionable tips that will help you.  Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive


Content DNA front coverContent DNA | John Espirian

With the perpetual need for content across many different platforms, there’s a high probability yours is going to blend in and not be able to cut through the surrounding noise. Content DNA shows you how to focus on ‘consistency’ and ‘congruence’ to help build your brand, show your value, and find your own ‘shape’ so you become the voice of trust in your industry.  Buy the book >>> Amazon or Hive


Front cover of Making Your Website WorkMaking Your Website Work | Gill Andrews

If you’ve got a website for your business, but you’re not particularly web-savvy (like me), then this book will give you all the help you need to make your site look great. Or as Gill puts it “your shortcut to a website that works”. A genuinely helpful resource of 100 easy-to-read chapters, full of hints, tips, and actionable tweaks you can make yourself – no experience necessary. Highly recommended. Buy the book >>> Amazon


Cash Money Freelancing front coverCash Money Freelancing | Tom Albrighton

Once you’ve started life as a freelancer and you’re making a half-decent living from it, this is the book to help take you to the next level. This book shows you how to make more money and is crammed with neat ideas (76, to be precise) covering your value, charging correctly, raising your prices with confidence, and much more.  Buy the book >>> Amazon


If you are just starting out as a freelancer (in any profession), then make sure you read my post on how to start freelancing with no experience. It should prove as indispensable as this reading list. But for other book recommendations if you’re a copywriter, read my other post, 8 Of The Best Books For Copywriters. And if you have any suggestions you think should be on this best books or freelancers list, let me know.

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