I have a strange feeling. I’ve found myself making money doing something completely different. And I like it.

OK – so copywriting isn’t ‘completely different’ as such, but it’s different for me. It’s become a career change at the tender age of 43 and it suits me.

From printing press minder to Mac artworker (as it was then known). Followed by middle management in marketing and onto copywriter. Other than the press minder years, all my roles have included some copywriting to a lesser degree. Now is the first time I can actually say it and mean it.

Reading through my Twitter feed recently, I spotted an interesting question. It was from London copywriting agency, Reed Words (@reedwords).

They asked copywriters: How did you get your ‘in’?

Being an agency at the top of its game with a lot of followers, of course, this prompted a mixed bag of responses. You know my ‘in’. But what did others have to say?

What Was Your Copywriting ‘In’?

It seems many had a career already carved out in PR or journalism. Some realised that it wasn’t for them for one reason or another and moved into copywriting that way. Others thought they could do a better job than the freelancers currently on their roster. And succeeded.

Some said they’d always written, so copywriting was another feather in their cap.

That was their ‘in’.

The most intriguing responses, though, were from people who were brave and bold enough to just go for it. They said they were a copywriter right from the start. One response, in particular, summed it up:

I’m sure this tweet was a bit tongue in cheek, but doubtless with more than a grain of truth to it. The misquoted phrase ‘build it and they will come’ springs to mind.

Of course, this could apply to many careers that rely on one’s own powers and resources to ‘make it’. Copywriter. Photographer. Musician. Artist. Drag queen…. the list could go on.

It all comes down to self-confidence. Having the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent to own it and shout about what you do.

Then you don’t need an ‘in’.

If you’re a freelance copywriter, what was your ‘in’, and how did you get started? Drop me a message and let me know.